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The Florida Vaping Ban

By Admin / October 12, 2018

In 2002, over 70% of voters in Florida approved the ban for people to stop smoking cigarettes in their workplaces and other public spots where people gather like restaurants or canteens for health reasons. The ban in itself was to ensure that people who don’t smoke are not forced to suffer the consequences of tobacco […]


What Kind of People are There for Dating in Florida?

By Admin / August 27, 2018

Over 1,000 people move to South Florida on a daily basis, making it a melting pot of cultures and people from all walks of life, from all across the world. South American’s are fleeing places like Venezuela, and people from California are coming to experience tropical living at reduced prices. Wherever you come from, know […]


Find a Florida Rhinoplasty Surgeon

By Admin / April 24, 2018

Today I’m sharing a site with you that will help you encounter somewhere to get a nose job in Florida, followed by some tips on how you can best clean your nose after having this surgery done. Sound fun?  Well, hey, it’s a slow day on the Florida news front, so we’re adding value any […]


Holiday Trip to Isla Mujeres

By Admin / November 11, 2016

So while we’re typically blogging about what’s happening in the State of Florida, we’re about to embark on a journey and since we really enjoy writing and reviewing things, it only makes sense that we share it with you.  We’re taking a company trip to Isla Mujeres! Vacationing to Isla Mujeres We’re pretty excited to […]


Site Updates Heading Into Summer 2016

By Admin / June 7, 2016

We’ve been quite busy here at! In case you haven’t noticed the changes on the site, I’ll go ahead and give you a recap of what’s been happening here. I’ve been very busy checking out local businesses.  There’s really no shortage of businesses in South Florida, where I reside, so it could be a […]

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